Top Ways To Substitute Eggs (For Baking & Vegan Recipes)

Eggs are a staple ingredient in many kitchens and a versatile ingredient in many recipes. They can be used as a binding agent, a leavening agent, an emulsifier, or as a source of moisture.

They can be boiled, fried, poached, or baked, making them valuable in many dishes, including cakes, custards, sauces, and more. Eggs also reheat well in most recipes, making them great for batch cooking.

However, in some instances, for those following a vegan diet, eggs can be substituted with ingredients like chia seeds, flax seeds, aquafaba, applesauce, mashed bananas, silken tofu, and baking soda, which can mimic the functionality of eggs in different ways.

How To Substitute Eggs In Most Recipes

Egg ReplacerTypical Ratio for 1 EggDescription
Chia Seeds1 tablespoon chia seeds + 3 tablespoons water, let sit for 5 minutesA gel-like substance forms from the chia seeds and water, making it a great binder in baked goods.
Flax Seeds1 tablespoon flax seeds + 3 tablespoons water, let sit for 5 minutesLike chia seeds, the flax and water mixture forms a gel that acts as a binder in baked goods.
Aquafaba3 tablespoonsThe liquid from a can of chickpeas, aquafaba has a consistency similar to egg whites and can be used as a binder or whipped into meringues.
Applesauce1/4 cup applesauce per eggUnsweetened applesauce can be used as a binder and also provides moisture to baked goods.
Mashed Banana1/4 cup mashed banana per eggMashed bananas add sweetness and act as a binder in baked goods.
Silken Tofu1/4 cup pureed silken tofu per eggTofu has a neutral flavor and can be used as a binder in savory dishes.
Baking Soda1 teaspoon baking soda + 1 tablespoon vinegar per eggBaking soda and vinegar react to create carbon dioxide, which helps baked goods rise.