Does Paprika Go Bad? Does It Expire?

Paprika is one of the most popular spices which is made from dried sweet peppers grounded to a fine powder. It can make plenty of dishes look vibrant as well as adding plenty of flavors.

If you have a spice kit at home, there’s a high chance that it contains paprika because it’s a popular spice in many types of cuisines. But, does paprika go bad? Or does it expire? In terms of food safety, paprika doesn’t go off and will last for a very long time, but it will eventually lose its potency and flavor after 3 years.

This guide will explain why paprika can go bad in terms of quality and how you can keep it properly stored.

Can paprika go bad or expire?

As with most spices, paprika doesn’t exactly “go off” or go bad that it’s not safe to use again.

Instead, after years, its potency will begin to decline, and it will lose flavor which can ruin your recipe if you are looking to add spice.

Paprika is an amazing mild spice that is so versatile because it’s used in many types of cuisines for stews, curries, soups, chicken dishes, and is a key part of many spice mixes.

As explained in this post, food producers and manufacturers are legally obliged to include their use by and best before labels on their products, and it also tested in various ways to help them determine these dates.

Best before dates is more about the quality rather than the safety.

Does Smoked Paprika Go Bad?

One of the most paprika types is smoked paprika which is another popular spice and is fast becoming one of the most popular ingredients thanks to its smoky taste and aroma.

It’s made from smoke-dried chilies which are crushed.

However, just like paprika, smoked paprika will lose its potency after 3 years and will not go bad in terms of food safety.

How to store paprika – the best way

As with most foods and ingredients, keeping them stored correctly in the first place will keep them fresher for longer.

Spices are no different because you would ideally want to keep them stored where it’s air-tight, cool, and dry.

Otherwise, it will quickly begin to lose its potency and flavor which is why it’s important to keep it stored in a cupboard that is away from heat sources close by like the stove top or oven.

When you buy paprika, have you noticed how it’s packaged? It’s usually comes in tin boxes or tightly sealed packaging which is because light can affect paprika.

Once you open the packaging, it’s extremely important to keep store it in packaging or a container that is tightly sealed to keep it air-tight, prevent oxidation and prevent bug contamination.

How Long Does Paprika Last?

Paprika will keep well and last for up to 3 years, but this is providing that it’s stored properly.

Although paprika will have the best before date printed on its packaging, it’s important to remember that this is more about the quality rather than the safety.

If you’re a regular cook and use spices often, you will rarely run into the problem of using paprika which has gone bad.

However, in case you have spare paprika which has been stored in your cupboard for years, it’s worth knowing that it can still be useful within 3 years.

You will know if it has lost its potency by simply smelling the paprika. If there’s a little aroma, that’s a sign it has no more flavor.

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