Can you freeze cream cheese frosting?

Cream cheese frosting is a baking classic which tastes amazing with many cake and cupcake recipes such as carrot cakes or red velvet cakes.

However, if you are making it from scratch it can be very common to have plenty leftover which might have you wondering can you freeze cream cheese frosting? Or if it can be made ahead? 

The good news is that you can freeze cream cheese frosting for up to 3 months which is simply a great way to prevent food wastage and avoid throwing it out.

It can also be a fantastic hack to prep cream cheese in advance and use it for days when you plan to bake cakes or cupcakes which would be a convenient time saver.

How To Freeze Cream Cheese Frosting

Cream cheese frosting does freeze well and there is no need to throw out any leftovers.

The ingredients usually involved are cream cheese, butter, sugar and vanilla extract – which are all good to freeze. Simply follow the method below and use it for your next baking recipes. 

Here is how to properly freeze and store cream cheese frosting:

  1. Aim to freeze it immediately to keep it safe and fresh. 
  2. For best results, use an airtight freezer bag and fill your leftover cream cheese frosting.
  3. Remove all the excess air, as much as possible, and then seal the bag tightly.
  4. Label your freezer bag with the date you made the cream cheese frosting and add 3 months to determine the expiry date.

Freezer bags are often recommended because you might not have a large quantity of cream cheese frosting leftover and you would have the ability to remove all excess air with just a small portion.

That is a problem solved and it will not take up much freezer space.

However, in some instances, you could use a meal prep container which does the same job but would be more suitable if you have a super large quantity in case you want to make it ahead.

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This can be convenient if you are a regular baker and often use cream cheese frosting because planning to prep a large batch can help you save time and speed up the process.

How Long Does Cream Cheese Frosting Last?

When you freeze the cream cheese frosting and use the correct storage method, it will keep well and last up to 3 months

It will taste just as good but it is important to follow the 2-hour rule and freeze it immediately once it has been made. That will keep it fresh and tasty.

How to thaw cream cheese frosting

You have a few options but allowing it to thaw in the refrigerator overnight will be the easiest and most convenient method because the texture and taste will be mostly restored.

It is possible that the texture will be a little watery which can easily be solved by simply using your stand mixer to restore frosting back to the exact same tasty texture.

Therefore, it is best to plan this the day before you bake a bunch of cakes or cupcakes.

This is why cream cheese frosting can be made ahead and is great for meal prep because if you are a regular baker and often use this ingredient, making a bulk of it will save you time.

How long does cream cheese frosting last after it has been defrosted?

For best results, it should be used within 2-3 days once it has been thawed and kept in the fridge.

You should not refreeze it, as with most recipes as this will be unsafe and fast deteriorate.

Can you freeze cream cheese spread?

You can generally freeze cream cheese but it will not good if you want to use it as a spread again. Instead use it for a baking recipe where you are going to mix the cream cheese.


When you think of meal prep and batch cooking, it is rarely associated with baking recipes but you can use many of the same principles to help you free up time, save time and prevent food wastage.

If you give this a go, please feel free to comment below and share any tips which can improve this post.

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