Best Meal Planning Apps 2022

If you find meal planning stressful and time-consuming, you can benefit from installing an app on your smartphone or computer.

It will help you save time and money. Meal plan apps also help you find new recipe ideas and ultimately achieve your goal.

With so many apps to choose from, we have listed some of the best meal planning apps based on user experience and functionality.

The good news is that most smartphone apps are incredibly advanced nowadays which can help you count calories by scanning barcodes, importing recipes from other websites, generating grocery lists, and filtering specific ingredients.

Best Meal Planning Apps


Yummly is a popular and free meal planning app that helps you personalize and customize your meal plan with mouthwatering photos.

You can exclude specific ingredients, pick your favorite cuisines and even choose your cooking skill which will help the app filter through recipes that are just for you.

This is the perfect user experience because Yummly wants it to be personalized.

As you can imagine, this sounds ideal if you have certain allergies or if you are following a specific diet.

This saves the hassle of endlessly searching for recipes and can almost instantly help you build a meal plan from your smartphone.

If you browse recipes on the internet and like the look of the recipe, you can easily save them to your Yummly account which is another great way of building your virtual recipe box.

Yummly also has a cool feature that allows you to print, save or email a shopping list once you have made your meal plan and picked what you want to eat.

This is incredibly convenient and a great way to save time.

TL;DR: Highly personalized app which helps you customize meal plans, print shopping lists and build your recipe box.

Our verdict: The user experience is amazing because Yummly makes it very customizable and easy to build a meal plan. It’s also like a personal assistant because it has reminders and the ability to generate a shopping list.

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Mealime takes the hassle out of meal planning and aims to make your busy weeknights a lot easier.

It allows you to pick your meals for the week and print shopping lists from your smartphone which is very convenient.

Similar to Yummly, it offers a personalized and customizable experience because you can easily filter out ingredients you don’t want to use and choose recipes that you’ll love.

This app is impressive because there are thousands of recipes that are ideal for busy weeknights because they can be prepped in around 30 minutes.

TL;DR: Personalized app with highly nutritious meals and is ideal for busy people looking to save time. Also great meal planning app for weight loss.

Our verdict: There are plenty of easy and highly nutritious recipes which are ideal to cook on weeknights as they don’t take long to prepare. The shopping list feature is also great.

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MyFitnessPal is an advanced calorie counter and food diary app, but it’s also a very good app for meal planning and meal prep due to its gigantic database, recipes, and community.

Although MyFitnessPal has a selection of recipes that you can choose from, it’s renowned for calorie counting and target-driven meal planning which means if your goal is to lose weight or gain weight, it will tell you how many calories you need to eat per day/week.

It’s a free app but also has a premium feature which has some cool advanced features.

Also, the app can be a diary for recording your workouts and exercises, or you can connect it to your smartwatch which automatically syntonizes your total steps and calories burnt per day.

TL;DR: One of the best calorie counter apps with a gigantic database and advanced features.

Our verdict: We love this app for meal prep because you can build your own recipes and manage the measurements accordingly which helps give an accurate breakdown of the macros. Of course, being able to add this to a meal plan is a huge advantage too.

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Meal Planner Pal

This meal planner pal is a simple and easy app that aims to take away the hassle of planning your meals.

Rather than scrolling through loads of recipes and deciding what to eat, you instead add your own meals which also feature a grocery list and calorie counter.

Another cool feature is the reminders such as altering when to defrost the food or what you have planned to eat.

TL;DR: Simple and easy meal planning app which is has a calorie counter feature and grocery list.

Our verdict: This app is clean and simple. If you know what food you like and need to organize yourself better, then this app is pretty much what you need. It might not be as advanced as other meal planner apps, but it does the basic job really well.

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FoodPlanner is a lot different from the other meal planning apps mentioned on this list and is pretty awesome if you spend a lot of time browsing other food blogs.

Do you know why?

It’s because it’s specially made for you to import recipes all over the web into one place and customize your own meal plan.

This is so cool because you can build your own recipe database and create meal plans from the food blogs and websites you love, and print grocery lists.

This is a great way to save time and money.

TL;DR: Allows you to import recipes from food websites and blogs, and build your own meal plans and grocery lists.

Our verdict: It’s a clever idea that has been well executed in this impressive app. If you’re a foodie and regularly browse food blogs, this app is very handy to collect and try new recipes for your meal plan.

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